A collection of Pencils and Dip Pens from Victorian times to modern.

The figures given by each item are a suggestion as to the likely value of the item, not necessarily a price, but contact me if you want to buy as I may be willing to sell some items.

Victorian Pencils

Slide Mechanisms

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sterling2.dib.jpg (6166 bytes)

silvervic2.dib.jpg (4621 bytes)

sliverslide.dib.jpg (3341 bytes)

goldvict.dib.jpg (3621 bytes)

Telescoping Propelling Mechanisms

cable.dib.jpg (8626 bytes)

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hicks.dib.jpg (5272 bytes)

Other Mechanisms

sheath.dib.jpg (4952 bytes)

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Dip Pens

Combination Dip Pens and Pencils

mordancombo.dib.jpg (4715 bytes)

bonecombo.dib.jpg (3256 bytes)

20th Century Mechanical Pencils

Sterling Sliver Propelling Pencil - 35 ($70)

Sterling Sliver Propelling Pencil - 35 ($70)

sterling1.dib.jpg (5918 bytes)

pencil1961.dib.jpg (5255 bytes)

A selection of Wahl Eversharp Silver, Sliver and Gold Plated Pencils

wahlever2.dib.jpg (5806 bytes)

wahlever3.dib.jpg (5452 bytes)

wahlever4.dib.jpg (5103 bytes)

ingersol.dib.jpg (5423 bytes)

eversharp1.dib.jpg (5896 bytes)

eversharp2.dib.jpg (4954 bytes)

wahlever1.dib.jpg (12932 bytes)

wahlever5.dib.jpg (4638 bytes)


Desk Stands, Writing Slopes & Other Items

Postal Scales by Salter - 30 ($60)

Victorian Ivory Pocket Notepad

ivorynotepad.jpg (18326 bytes)


Leather and Brass Travelling

Leather and Brass Travelling

Leather and Brass Travelling

Victorian Pewter

travelling2.jpg (19589 bytes)

inkwell1.dib.jpg (9791 bytes)

pewterwell.dib.jpg (15338 bytes)

Ink Bottles

Parker Super Quink 20 Fl Oz

Quink Bakelite Travelling

Jif Watermen's Encre Bleue

Mabie Todd Swan Red 40 Fl Oz?

quink20floz.dib.jpg (9662 bytes)

quink2.dib.jpg (16543 bytes)

watermansencre.dib.jpg (18716 bytes)

The figures given above are a suggestion as to the likely value of the item.

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